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what is mindfulness?

I get that question a lot when I tell people I’m a Mindfulness Teacher. It’s often accompanied by a furrowed brow and a sincere curiosity. The confusion is well-founded. With all the hype (even a Time Magazine Cover) it’s hard to nail down just one definition. And even though the concept of mindfulness is a simple one, the term itself is complex. Complex because mindfulness is a state of being and a form of meditation. 

Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment with kind attention and a willingness to be with what is.

To practice this present moment awareness, we can do a sitting (or more formal) meditation. We can also practice mindfulness informally throughout our daily lives. It’s possible to be mindful when picking out cantaloupe at the grocery store, sipping a cup of tea, or picking up the kids from school.


mindfulness is no magic pill.

It's hard not to be a cheerleader for this stuff. Mindfulness has helped transform me so I have a deep desire to share it with everyone I can. Still, it's not the cure-all for life's problems. And, in my opinion that's a good thing. If hard times are here no matter what, then I might as well learn how to have a better relationship with those hard times. Through a consistent mindfulness practice, we can be less reactive in situations that trigger us.

Science is now backing up what the ancient contemplative traditions have been teaching us for thousands of years. In just 6 weeks of practicing mindfulness, we can boost our immune systems, reduce anxiety, and become more compassionate with one another.

It’s about living your life as if it really mattered, moment by moment by moment by moment.
— Jon Kabat-Zinn

mindfulness is simple, but not always easy.

That’s because we can get caught up in the demands of our lives, distracted by our email, social media obsessions, binge-ing on Netflix or junk food. Not that those things are bad. I happen to love picking just the right filter for my Instagram pics. I’ve been known to binge on powdered donuts. And I have spent many a Saturday afternoon indulging in back-to-back episodes of Downton Abbey, The Get Down, and The Voice. 

I believe getting caught up in the things that really matter, moment-by-moment-by-moment is what can bring greater joy, more ease, and even some freedom. That's why I practice and facilitate mindfulness.




In the end, just three things matter:
How well we have lived
How well we have loved
How well we have learned to let go
— Jack Kornfield



Anxiety, perfectionism, and a desire to be in control are just a few of life's challenges that have kept me from being present. For a really long time I was also always in a constant rush, thinking about the next item on my to-do list before the current one was finished. Maybe you can relate?

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